All Hunkar Brute 9800 Print & Apply Applicators combine the flexibility of thermal transfer printers with the reliability of Hunkar Applicators. The 9800 supports tamp, vacuum, blow, flag, corner wrap applicators, orbital, and centric special applications.

Brute© 9800 Printer/Applicator

Brute© 9800

The rugged Brute© 9800 combines the flexibility of thermal transfer printing with an assortment of label applicator options, including tamp, tamp-blow, tilt-on and corner wrap.

Available as a stand-alone printer applicator or integrated with a product conveying system, the Brute© 9800 may be equipped with Zebra, Sato, or Datamax, print engines.

Brute 9800

Brute© 4561

The Brute© 4561 Loose-Loop Printer Applicator combines the speed and durability of a 4500 RollOn Applicator with the flexibility of a print/apply system. It can run preprinted labels and bypass the printer (eliminating print head wear),
or run blank labels through the thermal transfer/direct thermal printer. The stepper drive system will feed individual labels at speeds up to 1,500 inches per minute. The integrated loose loop provides applications speeds that are independent of the printer speed.

Brute 4561