Apply only Hunkar automated label applicators are designed to deliver reliable, low-maintenance performance. The 3550 provides smooth application of the label onto virtually any product surface and may be integrated with a PLC. 
Applications: wipe on, corner wrap, radial wrap, tamp, cylinder station, three roll wrap, front/back, and vacuum blow. 

Brute© 3550 Applicator

Brute© 3550

The NEW Brute© 3550 is a small footprint automated label applicator designed to be mounted above, below, or beside a product conveyor. Labels are dispensed automatically, matching the speed of the product conveyor while providing smooth  application of the label onto virtually any product
The Brute© 3550 supports wipe-on, tamp, and vacuum blow applications.

• Label feed rate up to 1,000 inches per minute
• Adjustable stepper motor drive
• Smooth and precise operation
• Supports up to 6 inch wide labels
• Small footprint – Vertical application footprint is
approx. 16 ½” L x 30” H x 17” W

Brute 3550

Mini-Brute© 250

The Mini-Brute© 250 is an ideal label applicator for applying UPC Code and other small labels in an efficient manner. The Mini-Brute is perfect for operating  within production environments due to the compact size and ease of operation.

The Mini-Brute© 250 is available for wipe-on, tamp, and vacuum blow applications.

Mini-Brute 250

Brute 350-450-650
Brute 350-450-650

Brute© 350, 450, 650

Construction: Aluminum and stainless steel with steel fasteners, modular design for easy service.

Application Method: Label is separated from backing and
applied to moving product. Applicator can be mounted at any position desired.

Maximum Application Rate:
100 labels per minute.
Dependent on label length.

Brute 350, 450, 650