Manual Label Dispensers (Caddies)

Hunkar packaging offers manual label caddies and handheld label dispensers.

Manual Label Dispensers
Manual Label Dispensers

Manual Dispensers

Model 1100 Series Common Specifications:
• Standard roll capacity 6½” OD (Up to 11″ OD w/roll lifts)
• Made of heavy-duty durable plastic
• Easy to load and thread
• Model 1100 series available with 1″ or 3″ core adapter
Specify on order
Custom sizes and colors available

Model 1700
Made for multiple roll dispensing custom made labels. Convenient support arms provide easy installation or replacement of individual rolls independent of other rolls in the dispenser. Holds up to six 1” rolls of labels or any combination of widths to 18”. Support arms hold 1” cores or 3” Cores with the included adapters. Maximum roll diameter is 6”

Manual Dispensers

HandHeld DispensersHandheld Dispenser

Handheld applicators help to complete repetitive labeling in a fraction of the time
that it takes to apply labels by hand. The durable, light-weight AP65 series of applicators are cost effective and easy to use with any type of
die cut labels. A unique sensor automatically adjusts the label stroke so that operators can increase their  productivity by simply squeezing the trigger and feeding one label that will then apply to virtually any surface

Handheld Dispensers